Who am I?

I'm a rural bumpkin from small-town Alberta, navigating urban Edmonton life while drinking too much iced-coffee. A graduate of the University of Alberta with a BSc Specialization in Physics, I did the physicist-thing for a while but lately I've steered towards non-profit work. Since leaving labs, I've worked with Fringe Theatre Adventures as an Information Systems Analyst. I'm still not entirely sure what my position is...

By day, you can find me analyzing data, writing Python scripts, and solving problems. By night, you can find me performing some musical musings, hustling The Lemon Collective (Edmonton's only community-based improv company), and practicing my full-stack development skills. On the weekend, I host a mean brunch.

If you want to nerd out with me, talk about vertical storage solutions, the first three seasons of Glee, or paradoxes.

A watercolour selfie.